Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia


Informatización de la descripción lingüística

aplicada a la diagnosis experimental del aprendizaje del inglés


University of Jaén

June 9th-11th 2008


 Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias de la Educación





This is an in-house research meeting which will be opened to researchers interested in the field of learner corpora design, annotation and/or exploitation. Of an essentially practical kind, most of the sessions will take place in a computing lab. Registration will be managed on a first come first served basis.


   Speakers Prof. Dr. Bas Aarts

Corpora and databases: state of the art  
  University College London               
  Prof. Dr. Nicolas Ballier




Using Xaira indexer for XML corpora


Université Paris 13

Université Paris 13


Université Paris 13


  Prof. Dr. Laurie Bauer Towards a taxonomy of morphological errors  
  Victoria University of Wellington    
  Dr. Christiane Dalton-Puffer ATlas.ti. A software for qualitative data analysis  
  Universität Wien    
  Prof. Dr. Detmar Meurers On annotating learner language: a computational linguistic perspective  
  Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen Logo der Universitaet    
  Susan Smith Error evidence  
  Victoria University of Wellington    
  Dr. Luis Alfonso Ureña López  & Miguel Ángel García-Cumbreras A database for learner language  
  Universidad de Jaén    
   Fields Corpora and databases, state of the art  
  Computer-assisted qualitative data analysis  
  The systematization of linguistic structure for informatization: examples  
  Error marking for error annotation  

Registration is free (however, full access to contents/materials which will be used requires a fee towards their edition and later distribution). Registration is in any case necessary for the space limitations of the computing lab. Registration is managed at the following addresses: svalera at ujaen dot es, adinegri at ujaen dot es and jesusferdom at gmail dot com.



   Downloads Programme  
  Background reading 1 "Error tagging systems for learner corpora"
  Background reading 2 "A tagging tool for error analysis on learner corpora"
  Background reading 3 "Multi-level annotation with adjustable granularity in a corpus of learner English"



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